SOLOMO Retail Kiosk Demo for Windows 10


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Utilize the SOLOMO Retail Kiosk Demo to envision the types of engaging Kiosk solutions you can create for your environment and the types of analytics you can generate.

This Kiosk Demo applications showcases the following:

- Interactive touch screen engagement
- Camera and Microsoft Machine Learning to capture the image of the user(s) and predict their gender and age and showcase a product targeted at their demographic
- Wish List for saving products
- Recommended For You products utilizing Microsoft Machine Learning from wish list and historical point of sale data
- A microphone and Microsoft Machine Learning to capture voice input and translate to text and sentiment, positive sentiment adds the product to the wish list
Supplemental Demo Applications and Materials are available to extend you POC with the following:

- Sync Kiosk with a mobile phone app
- Capture data generated from the Kiosk to Power BI utilizing Azure IOT
- Utilize SOLOMO Location Kits to capture customer behavior around your campaigns – attribution, the number of visitors that pass by and dwell near your kiosk and display on Power BI

For more information or the service endpoint code to activate your Kiosk email

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